• 1 International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue
  • 2 Last Erasmus+ KA1 training course "Anti-discrimination Work in the Formal and Non-formal Sector - Bridging the Gap"
  • 3 Upcoming Erasmus+ KA1 seminar "Theory and Practice of Intercultural Dialogue - Transforming the Iceberg"
  • 4 CAUCULT - Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network
  • 5 EVS - European Voluntary Service
  • 6 Gates and Keys - personal development projects for youth
  • 7 Expeditions to India and Shri Lanka in 2014-2015
  • 8 Ethnographic expeditions in Russia
  • 9 "Dialogue of Cultures" international intercultural festival

Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue and Learning

DialogueThe main aim of this organization and the first pillar of its activities is the promotion of intercultural, interfaith and inter-civilizational constructive dialogue with all the necessary and possible means. We strongly believe that lack of dialogue and communication skills, as well as lack of empathy in general is one of the main causes of the multiple crises that our world faces now.

People need to learn that the World cultural heritage belongs to all of us and it is necessary to protect and develop by all means as the biodiversity of our planet.

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Culture of Peace and Conflict Transformation

DialoguePromotion of Culture of Peace and assistance to Conflict resolution and transformation worldwide is the next pillar of ICIRLD activities. We believe that only having inner peace in the soul and culture of peace as a base for dialogue on can achieve his/her aims without harming the others.

Mahatma Gandhi was saying that our civilization is sick. And the sickness is called “culture of war”. This is a situation when wherever two people, groups, nations, civilizations see a conflict of interests, the only “natural” solution they see is conflict. And whoever will be the strongest that one will win.

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International Mobilization for Solution of Global Challenges

DialogueOur Planet nowadays is facing enormous amount of global challenges and in a no way it is possible to solve them on a level of a country, a group or on individual level. Poverty, Spiritual and Moral Degradation, Human Rights Problems, Environmental Catastrophes are just some samples of those global challenges.

Today when various types of natural and social sciences are highlighting the importance of awareness of inter-connectedness on all the levels of Universe, it is a matter of great importance to mobilize people from various cultural backgrounds around ...

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Expeditions and Intercultural Research Projects of ICIRLD.

Espeditions and Study Visits to various countries like India, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Iran ad others in terms of reseraching their cultural heritage, religions and folklore are frequently organized by ICIRLD...

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Gates & Keys

Personal Development projects' cycle

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ICC Intro TC

Introduction to Intercultural Communication LTTC of ICIRLD

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European Voluntary Service and other volunteer projects

ICIRLD has several possibilities for young people from Armenia and abroad to develop and serve to solutions of various socal challenges

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