This Training Course on MOTIVATION is the first one in the cycle of projects called “GATES and KEYS” which includes a long-term strategic set of activities mainly concentrating on various aspects of Personal development of young people.

The Training which was held on March 16-25, 2013 was on the topic of MOTIVATION. Young people in the wide range of cases do not lack talent, skills, abilities to bring change in their own realities and in the social environment of their communities, but they simply do not have or are lacking appropriate motivation.
Motivation is not something that is given to one in a certain portion (relatively big or small), this is a feature of our deep inner self, which is connected with a lot of other aspects, such as awareness, creativity, compassion etc. As well this is our feature with which we can certainly work. A set of psychological disciplines, spiritual traditions and training schools are suggesting numerous tools on how to approach this issue. This training course is dedicated to the development of the skills of youth workers and youth leaders from EECA and Program countries to support young people in their quest for MOTIVATION.

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