Youth unemployment counts as one of the most urgent challenges in many European countries especially in rural areas and poses a serious threat to a sustainable rural development.

The seminar 'Social entrepreneurship in youth work' wanted to address this issue by exploring the potential of the idea of social entrepreneurship in the context of youth work in different European regions. It took place from 14-22 May 2014 in the village of Tatev, Armenia and gathered 26 youth workers from 10 countries. The venue was in a distant mountain region in Armenia, which is facing the mentioned problems and already gained first experiences in the use of social entrepreneurship projects with local youth. The specific objectives of the seminar were:

  • To examine the potential of social entrepreneurship to fight youth unemployment, especially in rural areas
  • To exchange experiences and best practices of youth centers in regard of their contribution to community development
  • To equip participants with the necessary competences to start social entrepreneurship projects with young people in their community
  • To set up long-term cooperation between the youth workers and organizations involved in the seminar

The activities covered relevant themes related to the topic, including the examination of the role of youth centers in a community, exchange on challenges and best practices regarding the fight of youth unemployment, sessions on theory and practice of social entrepreneurship and a space for networking and follow-up planning. The methods applied combined theoretical inputs with sessions based on the experiences of the participants and practical exercises to ensure active involvement throughout the seminar and to make best use of their experiences and knowledge.

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