This TC on Eco-villages aimed to bring together knowledge, ideas, experiences about eco-communities, eco-technologies and eco-building on one shared space,

which can later on become an international platform of eco-communities, working together to achieve common goals in the mentioned fields, on local, regional and international levels. Our focus was on the creation of a good sharing and working atmosphere, through the methods of non-formal education, cross-cultural exchange, creative thinking. Together with the main theme of the eco-villages and eco-technology, we reflect on the ideas of worldwide peace, tolerance, human rights through the environmental point of view, with a hint of achieving peace via creation of green-communities, where there is everything for existence of self-sustainable, culturally affluent and peaceful society. Another focus was the individual, as a seed of any social organization: understanding the deep essence of modern human is the key to creation of a successful eco-community project. This project was designed to become the fundament of not only the Armenian Eco-village, but also had an ambition to stimulate creation of Eco-villages worldwide, through our established and promoted networks during the project and its planned continuation stages.

Our Working Fields


Intercultural Research


Intercultural Learning and Dialogue 


Personal Development and Youth Work


Promotion of Volunteerism