ICAN (Intercultural Awareness Network) is an international platform of organizations, which aims to raise  awareness about intercultural diversity, promoting culture of peace and intercultural dialogue. ICIRLD has been a founding member of ICAN. The network was designed and launched in Romania, in 2008.



Global-l-inks is a network that consists of more than 30 organizations of Africa, Latin America and Europe. ICIRLD is a founding member of Global-l-inks, which was established in 2009.  It includes organizations that believe in the role that young people can play in their local community through actions for social transformation and the value of sharing and connecting actions and experiences worldwide.



FEDI (European Forum for Diversity and Interculturality) is an international non-profit platform based in France. ICIRLD became a member of FEDI (European Forum for Diversity and Interculturality) in 2012. It promotes diversity and interculturality, as well as fights against discrimination in order to promote social solidarity and equal opportunities and rights between all people. It achieves this mission by lobbying international institutions and the realization of projects in this field.


PIE (Platform for Intercultural Europe) is a European membership association, which was initiated by European Cultural Foundation together with the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (which later became Culture Action Europe) with the support of European Commission in 2008. ICIRLD became a member of PIE in 2012. It’s a civil society platform with the aim of sharing concepts and practice of intercultural dialogue, integrating strategies for intercultural dialogue, mobilizing the sector to have a voice, contributing to policy analysis and development, and influencing cultural policy-making.


ICIRLD is a founding member of CAUCULT (Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network), which is implemented by an international team of NGOs located in five different countries: Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lithuania since 2012. It contributes to the creation of a vivid political and social environment which is conductive to the strengthening of inclusive societies that are aware of the benefits of cultural diversity in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


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