ICIRLD is a founding member of CAUCULT (Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network), which is implemented by an international team of NGOs located in five different countries: Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lithuania since 2012. It contributes to the creation of a vivid political and social environment which is conductive to the strengthening of inclusive societies that are aware of the benefits of cultural diversity in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

By means of a variety of targeted measures for capacity building, community art development, targeted media work and the promotion of inclusive cultural policies Caucult intends to:

  • Support the active participation of citizens, especially groups with badly recognized ethnic and cultural backgrounds, in cultural activities;
  • Establish strong, inclusive and sustainable networks of cultural actors from different areas in order to actively promote cultural diversity;

Enhance a structured and skillful intercultural dialogue between all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure greater respect for and more appreciation of cultural diversity.

Our Working Fields


Intercultural Research


Intercultural Learning and Dialogue 


Personal Development and Youth Work


Promotion of Volunteerism