Global-l-inks is a network that consists of more than 30 organizations of Africa, Latin America and Europe. ICIRLD is a founding member of Global-l-inks, which was established in 2009.  It includes organizations that believe in the role that young people can play in their local community through actions for social transformation and the value of sharing and connecting actions and experiences worldwide.

The network promotes the active role of young people in the social transformation of their communities, as well as the link between local action and global cooperation. It implements local and international projects which contribute to community development and conducts exchange of ideas, good practices, tools and working methods in the field of non formal education among the member organizations. The working fields are education for democracy and human rights; intercultural learning; social inclusion through creativity; sustainable environment; social and independent media; youth self-organization and responsible consumerism.

Our Working Fields


Intercultural Research


Intercultural Learning and Dialogue 


Personal Development and Youth Work


Promotion of Volunteerism