ICIRLD is a unique “crossroad” organization between civilizations, East and West, Europe and Asia, founded in Armenia. Even though the organization was established and run in Armenia, it has an international scope and aims to promote intercultural, interreligious learning and dialogue between young people of different countries, with different background, gender and age.
That’s why it was important to build a network and collaboration platform of the organization in other countries. Thereby ICIRLD started opening branches of the organization in different countries to spread their mission throughout the world.
So far ICIRLD already established the branch of the organization in India, Delhi, where they are organizing expeditions and study visits to exchange the intercultural experience. The name of the organization is “The Society for Culture, Youth and Peace (NGO)”. The main working directions of SCYP are:
• Organizational development and empowerment, through enhancing membership, training of the staff and strategic planning measures
• Development of relations with organizations with similar aims in India, SAARC countries and South-East Asia
• Development of volunteer projects within organization as well as together with partners from European countries
• Development of cultural exchange and education projects developing Intercultural Learning and Peace Culture.
For more information you can visit their official website: www.scyp.in
Branches of the organization are on the way to be created in India (Punjab), Nepal, Ukraine and Georgia. Furthermore there are initiative groups in Poland, Finland and Germany, with whom ICIRLD is organizing strategic planning activities for the start of their work.
ICIRLD currently supports the members of these organizations and groups to develop their personal and intercultural competencies, organizational and partner building skills.
The organization is mediating the collaboration between branches in Asia and Europe by job shadowing, partner building activities and participation in different intercultural projects.
Currently those efforts have resulted in concrete projects between Finland and Nepal as well as a large scale initiative between Slovenia, Nepal and India.
Although there were only Armenians among founding members of the organization, since 2007 through its partner building activities and projects now ICIRLD has non-Armenian members in staff and board of the organization which lead to intercultural potential extension and development.
A special group works in the framework of the executive bodies of ICIRLD to provide expansion of the international scope and development of the international cooperation of the organization. Besides its new branches the organization has already developed serious strategic partnership with a number of organizations in European and Asian countries.

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