The main aim of this organization and the first pillar of its activities is the promotion of intercultural, interfaith and inter-civilizational constructive dialogue with all the necessary and possible means. We strongly believe that lack of dialogue and communication skills, as well as lack of empathy in general is one of the main causes of the multiple crises that our world faces now.

People need to learn that the World cultural heritage belongs to all of us and it is necessary to protect and develop by all means as the biodiversity of our planet. Unification is good for short-time management improvements and solutions, but in a long run only higher grade of diverse strategic resources can provide necessary means for population our planet to sustain and adapt to changes.

Unification is also possible only through simplification and profanation, which is leading to stigmatization of a great part of human cultural heritage as primitive and underdeveloped, where there are a wide range of examples that some aboriginal tribes has enormous treasures of philosophical and scientific thought, or when the philosophical and metaphysical texts of some civilizations ate providing insights to quantum physics researchers.

To gain access to the world cultural heritage and to be able to make use of it one needs to gain knowledge as well as to develop certain attitude and skills of intercultural communication, sensitivity and learning. This is what ICIRLD try to deliver through a wide range of local, national and international activities.