Promotion of Culture of Peace and assistance to Conflict resolution and transformation worldwide is the next pillar of ICIRLD activities. We believe that only having inner peace in the soul and culture of peace as a base for dialogue on can achieve his/her aims without harming the others.

Mahatma Gandhi was saying that our civilization is sick. And the sickness is called “culture of war”. This is a situation when wherever two people, groups, nations, civilizations see a conflict of interests, the only “natural” solution they see is conflict. And whoever will be the strongest that one will win. In most of the cases the “strongest” is identified based on the strength of physical or economical muscles. Mahatma Gandhi was considering this situation totally corrupt and instead he was suggesting the concept of Peace Culture.

Peace Culture for us means that in the severest conflict situation one  must have the ability to keep inner peace and not let hatred enter his/her mind and soul. In all the cases the priority should be given to peaceful solutions. Yes we understand that in this dark age sometimes it is not possible to avoid conflicts, but we strongly believe that one should do everything to sustain Peace inside and outside.

To learn about the concept of Culture of Peace, to attain appropriate skills and attitudes for conflict transformation and solution, our organization realizes various types of educational, research and other programmes both nationally and internationally.