Our Planet nowadays is facing enormous amount of global challenges and in a no way it is possible to solve them on a level of a country, a group or on individual level. Poverty, Spiritual and Moral Degradation, Human Rights Problems, Environmental Catastrophes are just some samples of those global challenges.

Today when various types of natural and social sciences are highlighting the importance of awareness of inter-connectedness on all the levels of Universe, it is a matter of great importance to mobilize people from various cultural backgrounds around solution of Global Problems. The first two pillars of our organization – Intercultural Dialogue and Culture of Peace create bases for this mobilization and cooperation. Only seeing the bigger picture and holding hands it is possible to find long-term solutions for the multitude of crises that we face today.

There are several organizations that fight for solution of environmental problems, a wide range of international organizations provide assistance programmes for fighting poverty, human rights problems etc. But even the professional assessments of those assistance and development programs shows that the efficiency is very low and in most of the cases in a long run those programs do not lead to sustainable solutions.

We believe that that only having appropriate attitudes and moral/spiritual base it is possible to find ways of mobilization of potential of people form different cultural, religious and civilizational backgrounds to find ways for solution of global challenges and sustainable development on planetary level. This is the base of our national and international programs raising the awareness on Global Challenges and looking for their solutions.