Governing Bodies of ICIRLD

The main governing body of ICIRLD is the General Assembly (GA) of all the members of the organization. It is convened once a year and it is taking decisions on the governing bodies of the organization, analyzes the previous activity period and takes decisions on the strategic development issues of the organization. In between the GAs the organization is governed by the President and the Board of ICIRLD. The organization also has a Revisionary Commission which is revising the financial-economical activities of the organization, as well as follows if the decisions of the governing bodies of ICIRLD match with the statutory requirements of the organization. ICIRLD has four permanent Commissions according to its main activity fields and creates other ad hoc Commissions and Workgroups on other specific issues when needed.

Executive Bodies

The organization implements its activities based on a number of Working Groups, Commissions and Task Forces coordinated by the President and Board of ICIRLD. Amongst them the permanent and key ones are the Intercultural Research Commission,  Intercultural Learning and Dialogue Commission, Personal Development and Youth Work Commission and Volunteering Promotion Commission. Separate working groups are created for individual short term local and international projects developed and realized (e.g. Summer educational work camps, Erasmus+ projects, Expedition and Study Visits to India and elsewhere, LTTC on Intercultural Communication etc.).

Our Working Fields


Intercultural Research


Intercultural Learning and Dialogue 


Personal Development and Youth Work


Promotion of Volunteerism