Our projects in Armenia


  • 'Gates and Keys: Motivation 2013' Training course on different aspects and levels of motivation; 16. - 25. March 2014
  • 'ICL 3.0 - From theory to toolbox': Seminar on theory and tool development in the field of Intercultural Learning; 25. March - 3. April 2014
  • 'Young rural communities': Seminar on youth work with young people in rural communities; 2-10 April 2014
  • Seminar “Social Enterpreneurship in Youth Work” in Tatev Village – in cooperation with Tteni NGO; 14-22 May 2014
  • Internation Intercultural Festival "Dialogie of Cultures"; 24. July - 6. August 2014


  • 'Eye-Video-Heart” : Training course on the use of video-making in youth work 22-30 October 2013
  • 'Faith to decide.. Faith to unite': Training course on Interfaith Dialogue 11-17 November 2013
  • 'Myth and/or/but Reality': Youth exchange on legends and myths in different countries 4-14 October 2013
  • 'Pan-Europanism: Intercultural Platform': Training course on the challenges of Intercultural Dialogue in the changing intercultural environment in Europe: 20-29 September 2013
  • 'Let's meditate for health and creativity' Trainig course on the use of medidation techniques in youth work and the benifits of a healthy lifestyle ; 5-14 September 2013
  • 'Speak to me': Youth Exchange on the inclusion of disabled young people in international youth work; 20 July- 4 August 2013
  • 'Deep Immersion': Training course on methods of community integration; 20-29 June 2013
  • 'Let’s do QUALITY EVS in deprived urban and rural areas': Seminar on how to implement EVS projects in deprived and urban areas; 9-17 June 2013
  • 'Edges of Exclusion': Seminar on integration of people with fewest opprtunities into international youth work 22-30 April 2013
  • 'Crossroads of Pre-Christian Heritage': Youth exchange on the pagan heritages of different countries 8-18 April 2013


  • 'Inter-connection: Effect of the butterfly': Training Course on Global Awareness and the concept of Interconnectdness in different cultural traditions; 6-15 August 2012
  • 'Gateways to the OTHER...”:Partnership building activity about the intercltural dimension in EVS projects; 16.-22. September


  • 'Arya SamajOrganisation Study Visit to Armenia: Study visit from an Indian partner organization to Armenia, 8-12 November, 2011


  • 'NetWORKing for Peace and Intercultural Awareness” Partnership Building Activity on Intercultural Learning, 16-22 September, 2010
  • 'Language Learning – Can Be Easy!” Seminar on the methods of language learning in EVS projects,

1.-8. August 2010


  • 'Symbols… around, in and through': Seminar on the use of non-verbal communication in international youth project' 29. March - 5.April 2009
  • 'TatianinDenj' Student Festival, a student festival dedicated to the Russian Festival Tatjanin Denj, in cooperation with the Russian community Organziation, 2009


  • 'Hidden Treasures...intercultural potential in monoethnic countries', Training course on the promotion of cultural divesity in mono-ethnic countries; 23-27 May 2008


  • 'South Caucasus – A Part of Europe” Media workshops – Long term cooperation project on media literacy for youth in caucasus countries funded by European commission in cooperation with IZ (Austria)
  • 'Challenges into Inspiration - MELTING PHASE...' Study Visit about youth work and youth policy reality in Armenia;31. August- 7. September 2007
  • 'Study Visit of SALTO EECA Resource Center to Caucasus': Coordination of the Armenian part of the Study Visit about youth policy and youth work realities in the Southern Caucasus; 28-30. June 2007


  • 'Under the common roof”, Training Course on developing structures and working methods in youth houses, 5.-12. July 2006
  • 'Sacred Music; Music as a bridge”: Seminar on music and arts as mediators for interreligious and intercultural dialogue; 24.-30. June 2006
  • 'Walking Together': Seminar on Heritage Protection-7. June 2006
  • 'Concept of Culture in the context of intercultural learning”:Conference at Brusov university 2006


  • 'Pilgrimage to emPOWERment”; Training Course on Experiential Learning, Creativity and Arts in Khosrov National Park, 20-27. August 2005

Research projects and Study Visits

  • India 2006 - ongoing: Expedition and Study Visists to various regions of India to gather reserach materials on local cultures and supporting the branch of ICIRLD in Dlehi and initiative group ih Punjab
  • Iran 2006-2008:Expedition and Study Visists to various regions of Iran to gather reserach materials on local cultures
  • Russia: Ethnological research project in different regions of Russia funded by Ethnomir Foundation; 2012 - ongoing
  • Tibet 2013; Study Visist to Tibet (Lhasa, Tsurpu, Tayerba monastries) on the topics of Tibetan Yoga Tantra and Buddhist culture
  • Sri Lanka 2013; Study Visist to various regions of Shri Lanka to gather reserach materials on local cultures
  • Nepal 2013 –ongoing; Expedition and Study Visists to various regionsof Nepal to gather reserach materials on local cultures and supporting the initiative group of ICIRLD in Kathmandu

 Long Term and periodical projects

  • CAUCULT: International, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus.; 2012- 2014
  • 'Introduction to Intercultural Communication” Annual training course on theory and practice of Intercultural Learning, organization of International Youth Projects and Culture of Peace' 2009 UNTIL ?
  • 'Educational Summer Camps': Summer camps for Armenian youth in different regions of Armenia including outdoor activities and training modules on intercultural learning; 2008- 2013
  • 'Intercultural Learning and International Youth Work”: Annual training course on theory and practice of Intercultural Learning, organization of International Youth Projects and Culture of Peace; 2006-2009
  • 'Dialogue of Cultures': Intercultural festivals with participants from Europe, Asia and Middle East;2006-2008 and 2014
  • 'European Youth Policy, Structures and Programmes” Annual trainng course on European programmes, structures and funding schemes; 2005-2008
  • “Organizational management and development of international co-operation”:Long-Term Training Course for youth leaders on NGO management skills and international youth work 2003
  • 'ICAN Networking Project': Networking project with organisations who are dedicated to spread intercultural awarness and promote cultural diversity, 2009-2010
  • 'ICD Indicators Research': Research project about indicators for intercultural dialogue for Council of Europe and DYS of European Commision, 2012-2014
  • 'Intercultural Communication and Learning': Facultative trainings in Brusov University, 2006-2007

Long term volunteer project

  • 'EVS hosting project': Hosting EVS volunteers who support the work of the organization and have the chance to develop their skills in the field of intercultural learning; 2008- ongoing
  • 'European Gateways Throughout Armenia': Coordinating organisation for the hosting of 9 EVS volunteers in different regions of Armenia
  • 'EVS sending project': Sending organisation for EVS projects all over Europe


  • 'Intercultural Learning and International Youth Work: A manual on the theories and practice of Intercultural Learning and basics of organizing international youth activities

'European Youth Policy, Structures and Programmes”:A Manual on the main Policies, Structures and Programs on/for youth of European Commission and Council of Europe

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