CAUCULT was an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus. The unique cultural diversity was the strength of the Caucasus region throughout its history and resulted in an amazingly wide range of cultural expressions. Wars and conflicts of the past decades cast a shadow on the beauty and strength of this unique feature of the Caucasus.
CAUCULT aimed to re-discover the cultural diversity in the Caucasus as a key to a creative, progressive and prosperous development of the region through empowerment of local cultural actors and community art activities promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity. Furthermore, these activities are supposed to encourage a mutual and vivid dialogue between various stakeholders representing different cultural backgrounds.

By means of a variety of targeted measures for capacity building, community art development, targeted media work and the promotion of inclusive cultural policies the project:
• Supported active participation of citizens, especially groups with less recognized ethnic and cultural backgrounds, in cultural activities;
• Established strong, inclusive and sustainable networks of cultural actors from different areas in order to actively promote cultural diversity;
• Enhanced a structured and skillful intercultural dialogue between all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure greater respect for and more appreciation of cultural diversity.

The project was implemented by an international team of NGOs located in five different countries: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Austria and Lithuania.