Taking into account the specific aims of CAUCULT, namely promotion of participation of minority groups in cultural life, establishment of dialogue between community members and local authorities, community art was selected as a tool of work within the frames of the project.
Community art is a new format of cultural events that can be defined as a method of community mobilization and/or a way to establish a dialogue with the community members through art and culture. The term community art was defined in the late 1960s as a methodological approach where professional artists implement cultural activities with the involvement of community members, thus, addressing community needs and problems.

  • To free art and culture from the "only for professionals" format and provide all community members with opportunities to discover their innovative and creative potential and apply this in addressing different community challenges.
  • To show alternative ways for community members of searching and addressing solutions to existing community problems by promoting dialogue, principles of peaceful problem solution and maximum promotion of innovative approaches and creativity.
  • To organize events with maximum participation and involvement methods. This will promote community members with chances to express their opinions and have their input in searching a solution to an existing problem as well as raise the visibility of "not visible" groups, places and problems.

To reach considerable changes in social life it is necessary to select a communication method which will influence different levels of consciousness, help people look at different issues from different perspectives and feel better the importance of different community problems. The community art approach is exactly the method that allows people to feel connected to community problems and helps to raise their concerns.