The main participants of the project were the Key Dialogue Workers (hereinafter KDW) – cultural actors from 3 regions of Armenia and Yerevan representing different cultural and educational institutions, civil society organizations, as well as ethnic/national minority groups.
Due to the specially designed empowerment activities the KDWs enhanced their knowledge in the field of cultural management and learned about the method of community art. Based on the gained knowledge in cooperation with local authorities, civil society organizations and other institutions they have implemented over 20 cultural events each designed taking into account the very specific needs and peculiarities of the communities they live in.
The most important outcome for KDWs, the main target group of the project, was the enhanced knowledge and new skills on cultural events management (incl. some basic knowledge on fundraising), work with mass media, community art techniques, as well as the networking activities. Since one of the main identified problems of the target communities was the lack of cultural managers the implemented training courses and networking activities were of a huge support for the communities involved in the action.
In Armenia there are 19 key dialogue workers involved in the Network from Gyumri, Alaverdy, Stepanavan, Vanadzor, Goris, Qarahunj village and Yerevan. However, the Network grew considerably on the spot due to different community art events implemented by KDWs in cooperation with other local actors.