Educational camps are ongoing summer activities for young people organized by ICIRLD since 2006. The camps are held in various mountainous regions where historical monuments and monasteries exist. Each camp lasts for 3-5 days depending on the distance of the region.
The main aim of these camps is to organize active leisure time of Armenian young people with recreational activities and equip them with basic knowledge on Intercultural Learning and Culture of Peace.
Usually there are 4 camps held for 3 days in such regions as Garni, (30 km from Yerevan), Stepanavan (140 km from Yerevan), Jermuk (170 km from Yerevan), Ijevan (170 km from Yerevan)

The main activities during the summer camps are:
• Hiking in nature and to the historical monuments
• Team-building activities
• Educational training modules on intercultural learning, culture of peace, EVS, concept of culture
• Intercultural evening
• Interactive discussions around a bon-fire
The educational camps are a great intercultural learning for young people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds.

Since 2012, volunteers from different countries arrive to Armenia for a 2 months short term EVS project to help with the organization of the whole process. They add intercultural dimension to these activities and bring refreshment and new ideas with them while making the summer camps more interesting and intercultural after being intensively trained on the following thematic blocks:
• Concept of culture
• European youth programmes and structures: Youth in Action, Erasmus + (in particular EVS)
• Intercultural learning
• Culture of peace
• Project management
• First aid
• Outdoor equipments