Promotion of intercultural dialogue and learning is the main sphere of ICIRLD activities. We strongly believe that people from different cultural backgrounds have a lot to give to each other, and without proper skills of intercultural communication and intercultural dialogue competences it is very hard to start and sustain efficient intercultural cooperation.

Since its establishment ICIRLD develops and runs several types of intercultural learning projects, develops tools and methodologies for it, as well as realizes researches and produces educational manuals about different aspects of intercultural communication, learning and international cooperation.

In cooperation with other stakeholders from the NGO and government sectors ICIRLD published two manuals for youth workers active in international/European cooperation; “Intercultural Learning and International Youth work” (2006) and “European Youth Policy, Programs and Structures” (1st edition in 2005, 2nd revised edition in 2009). Experts of ICIRLD have also taken part in the development of the “Criteria and Indicators of Intercultural Dialogue Activities”developed by the Youth Directorate of Council of Europe.

Since its early activities in 2004 ICIRLD constantly develops its methodological toolbox for the realization of Intercultural Learning activities and has developed several exercises, handouts, presentations, simulations, role plays and other tools for intercultural, inter-faith and other types of activities. Trainers of ICIRLD have taken part in the organization of various intercultural activities in Armenia, neighboring countries, European countries as well as Russia and Asian countries. They have worked for several international organizations such as UN Agencies, European Commission, Council of Europe, OSI, OSCE etc.

ICIRLD has developed a couple of specialized training courses, summer camps and an intercultural festival format each of which has been realized for more than three times in the period of 2006-2013. These are the training courses “Intercultural Learning and International Youth work” (2006-2008) and “European Youth Policy, Programs and Structures” (2005-2008), LTTC “Introduction to Intercultural Communication (2004-2013) and the Intercultural Festival “Dialogue of Cultures” (2006-2008) (and others).

ICIRLD also has a good cooperation with universities, where it has realized different types of activities integrating formal and non-formal education methodologies. In particular there was a long-term cooperation process with the University of Foreign Languages named after V. Brusov.

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