One of the most important areas of our activities is promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue between people of diverse cultural background coming from various parts of the globe. To achieve that goal, we have been organizing study visits and intercultural research expeditions to many places in Asia and Europe. Since 2006, when we began our work in this field, we organized .... trips to 10 different countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey).

During all of our travels we visited the most prominent cultural and historical sites, explored many distant areas off the beaten track and, most importantly, spent hours and days talking to local people. We strongly believe that the best way to discover and understand any culture is to observe and participate in its rituals, holidays, and traditions. That is why during our expeditions we always stay with members of local communities and try to take part in their everyday life as much as possible. Very simple moments such as sharing a dinner with a family in Nepal, meditating together with Buddhist monks in India, or observing a wedding ceremony in Cambodia helped us experience the local cultures in a very meaningful way.

This so called "cultural hunting" allowed us to gather various kinds of materials, such as texts of local myths and legends, ethnic and spiritual music, traditional clothing and jewelry, photos and videos. All the things collected and documentation gathered during our expeditions are being used for educational purposes in Armenia. We organize photo exhibitions, national cultural evenings, movie screenings and presentation on the visited countries to make the result of our projects available to a larger public and, therefore, to contribute to a better understanding between people of different nations and cultures.

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