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Intercultural Research is one of the main working directions of ICIRLD. As Armenia is a landlocked country with closed borders with two of four neighboring countries, the possibilities of international mobility and intercultural encounters for people living in this country are very limited. ICIRLD works in the sphere of providing more possibilities for actual intercultural experience for people living in Armenia, through its international projects and transnational voluntary activities, but equal importance is also paid to the intercultural research projects abroad and sharing of their results in the country.In this regards since 2006 ICIRLD organizes study visits and expeditions to various Asian and European countries to realize so called “cultural hunting”, namely gathering various types of materials (texts, ethnic and spiritual music, photo materials and video) on the cultural heritage of the visited countries, interviewing people, creating contacts for future collaboration in the spheres of intercultural research and dialogue and processing the gathered materials afterward in Armenia to prepare the outputs of this research.

Since 2006 ICIRLD has organized more than 15 expeditions and study visits to various countries, such as India, Nepal, Shri Lanka, China (China’s Tibet), Iran and Turkey Through these expeditions a big network of partner organizations and experts is also built in the mentioned countries, which is making the future work with those regions much easier. In some of the mentioned countries branches and initiative groups for the creation of branches of ICIRLD are also set up.

Since 2005 ICIRLD also works with the national minorities living in Armenia (e.g. Ezides, Assyrians, Molokans) and is researching their cultural heritage as well. A couple of projects are realized specifically in this direction and articles, photo materials and videos are also developed to present and preserve the national heritage of these nations living in Armenia. The organization has a very good partnership relations with all the national minority organizations in Armenia and supports their activities related to the aims and objectives of ICIRLD.

The materials gathered during the researches in Armenia and abroad are catalogued and systematized in the organization and made available for researchers as well as all interested people from the target groups of the organization. The organization has a huge audio-archive on ethnic, folk and spiritual music from all over the world, a photo archive from all the expeditions realized, and recently also started to gather video materials for the  preparation of short educational and documentary movies and video lessons. All the gathered material is used also as educational resource in the intercultural dialogue and learning projects of the organization in Armenia and abroad.

ICIRLD also organizes photo exhibitions, national cultural evenings, movie screenings and presentations on the visited countries, to make the results of these projects available to the general public as well. ICIRLD has a Facebook page which also serves for the dissemination of information and presentation of the research outputs. Soon a YouTube channel of the organization will be also launched to present the newly developed video films and video-lessons available to the interested parties.

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