Since 2012 the main scope of ICIRLD's projects is supporting the personal development of young people, using the intercultural potential of the world's cultural heritage, as well as the realization of various projects supporting the development of international youth work, especially in the regions of Armenia.

Together with its partner organizations from Armenia, EECA and European countries ICIRLD develops and realizes national and international projects on various aspects of personal development, using the techniques and methodological bases from various traditions and cultures as well as developing the intercultural competences of its project’s participants.

Projects on the usage of various meditative techniques, martial arts, healthy lifestyle, symbolism, concept of interconnection, methods of work with motivation, personal empowerment etc. were realized in different parts of Armenia, and in 2013 a strategic set of projects was developed called “Gates and Keys” which will exclusively address different aspects in the sphere of personal development.

In 2008 ICIRLD realized an internal research regarding  international youth work, usage of non-formal educational activities amongst the YNGOs operating in Armenia, and the results have shown that  intercultural learning and international youth projects are mainly realized by organizations operating in the capital of Armenia and by some rare NGOs in regions. Based on this ICIRLD has taken a strategic decision to support local NGOs from remote regions of Armenia and raising their qualifications to independently develop and run intercultural projects.

To realize the aforementioned, three regions of Armenia were selected and a number of projects were developed and realized with partners from these regions. The selected regions were Syunik, Shirak and Lori regions of Armenia, but currently some other cooperation schemes are also under development. ICIRLD has realized more than 5 international projects with its regional partners, as well as 4 EVS projects were developed and realized to support the regional partners involved in Goris, Alaverdy, Gyumry and Vanadzor cities.

ICIRLD constantly works on development of a national and international network of like-minded organizations sharing the same set of values to further develop its personal development and regional youth work development projects.

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