International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (ICIRLD) in cooperation with its partner organization National Pool of Trainers (NPT) from Armenia, together with other partners from EECA and Program countries invites you to get involved in the realization of a series of Trainings and Seminars dedicated to the various aspects of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OF YOUNG PEOPLE!

The cycle is called “GATES and KEYS”, and it will address several aspects of personal development, such as motivation, aim setting, prioritizing, self awareness, self assessment, harmonic development etc. Due to the intercultural nature of the organization, it was decided that a special attention will be paid to the theories, philosophies, methods, tools and approaches that different cultural and spiritual traditions have on various aspects of personal development. So, when designing the activities of the Gates and Keys project cycle, possible inputs from various traditions on the topic will be researched well in advance and this intercultural aspect will be the essential part of the programmes. It will be also important to combine this elements taken from World Cultural Heritage with nowadays scientific insights on the topics, providing participants with an up-to-date information on the front-line scientific research.

The first Training which was held in 2013 and was on the topic of Motivation. According to the experience that ICIRLD and NPT gained through their numerous national and international trainings as well as research projects, young people in the wide range of cases do not lack talent, skills, abilities to bring change in their own realities and in the social environment of their communities, but they simply do not have or are lacking appropriate motivation. Motivation is not something that is given to one in a certain portion (relatively big or small), this is a feature of our deep inner self, which is connected with a lot of other aspects, such as awareness, creativity, compassion etc. As well this is a feature of us with which we can certainly work, and a set of psychological disciplines, spiritual traditions and training schools are suggesting numerous tools on how to approach this issue. All the aforementioned composed the core of this first Training Course, which was highly evaluated by all the participating promoters.

During the Training Course on Motivation partners has come up with several other ideas on continuation of this process, and training courses and seminars on the process of Learning, Awareness, Perception, Prioritizing and others were developed and will be realized in coming years. The idea is also to form a strategic partnership/network of organizations that are interested in the topics of personal development and to realize series of inter-connected events to provide even a higher impact on participating youth workers and their communities.

If you or your organization are interested in joining this process and receiving information on the upcoming and planned activities, as well as contributing in development of “Gates and Keys” project cycle on youth personal development please contact us.

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