Promotion of international and local volunteerism is another important sphere of ICIRLD's work . Since 2007 ICIRLD hosts international EVS volunteers in the organization. Here they support the activities of the organization, develop their intercultural competences, project management and development skills, as well as the general level of cultural awareness. ICIRLD started to work with the European Voluntary Service Programme of European Commission in 2007 with one volunteer and since 2013 is hosting 3 volunteers at the same time.

Besides hosting volunteers in the organization in Yerevan since 2008 ICIRLD actively promotes EVS in regions of Armenia and due to its support now more than 5 local NGOs started to host volunteers in Shirak, Siunik, Lori regions of Armenia and Yerevan. in 2013 ICIRLD coordinated a project of 9 volunteers from Lithuania, Czech Republic and Poland in the aforementioned regions and in 2014 another project got approved to host 6 EVS volunteers from Poland in the same regions.

ICIRLD also actively works in the sphere of promoting the concept of volunteering on national level as well as volunteer projects with mixed composition (from EU and Armenia). An example of this are the educational summer cams projects realized in 2012 and 2013, where participants of a short term EVS project  organized summer camps for local and foreigners in various regions of Armenia with an aim to combine leisure time activities with educational processes on intercultural learning and communication.

ICIRLD has also some plans to promote volunteer projects in the countries where it has its registered branches and initiative group, such as India and Nepal.

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