In ICIRLD we are hosting EVS volunteers since 2007. We have both long-term and short-term opportunities. The projects vary by their themes, but all EVS projects are designed to create a huge platform for the EVS volunteer and young people with various backgrounds living in Armenia to expand their knowledge and experience in intercultural learning. ICIRLD, the host organization, is one of the leading organizations in Armenia on Intercultural research (comparative research of various cultures, making video documentaries, etc.) and education (trainings, seminars and other educational activities on ICL). Its target groups vary including young people with disadvantaged backgrounds. The hosted EVS volunteer assists the staff at ICIRLD to organize and carry out the organizations‘ projects and events, providing intercultural feeling and diversity with his/her presence. ICIRLD also plans to open a new center 20 km out of the capital, where all activities and project realization will take place. The EVS volunteer will have possibility to take part in the centers’ opening ceremony, contribute to it with his/her project ideas and assist in organizing youth events, training course and gatherings for local people. In general the ratio will be 80% work on the EVS project, and 20% for realizing own personal projects. For more information about our projects, feel free to filter below the "Past" and "Current" projects, check photos and the articles about our project. You can meet our current volunteer by checking their profiles and learn about their experiences at ICIRLD.

If you would like to volunteer at ICIRLD, then feel free to submit your application by registering below. We will answer to your email soon. If you wish to learn more about the possible future and/or upcoming projects, make sure to follow the "News Feed" block on the right side. Information about EVS can be found in the "Menu" on the top right. If you are interested for other formats of volunteering possibilities, don't hesitate to write us about it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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