On December 25th 2014 five members of the International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dilaogue started the study visit to Sri Lanka and South India. The main objectives of this expedition were:

  • Study of the Buddhist culture artifacts in Sri Lanka and its cultural heritage in gerenal
  • Study of the cultural heritage of South India, its traditional Dance Schools, Ayurvedic Medecine and Traditional Martial Art Kalaripatu
  • Study of Ashram life in South India on the example of Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam
  • Study of the Tibetan settelments in South India and their cultural life

The study of Sri Lanka was interupted earlier due to heavy strorms and floods in Central and Eastern Sri Lanka, and accordingly the Indian part of the expediton was extended. All the planned destinations besides the mentioned Sri Lankan regions were visited and the results of the studies are now in the process of systematization and analysis.

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