From 2009 to 2012 ICIRLD had been participating in annual intercultural meetings in Tverskaya oblast 400 km from Moscow. Every year more than 20 000 people from 93 countries gather to discuss various topics, such as intercultural dialogue, international cooperation, social work, youth work and other. Those meetings are organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Russian Federation.
In 2011 and 2012 members of ICIRLD research team conducted two study visits to Karelia. During their visits there they participated in annual meetings with youth workers and young activists from 30 different countries. Main topics of this projects were intercultural dialogue, training courses about video making, art, painting, traditional souvenirs making and others.
ICIRLD conducted cultural expeditions in Karelia in 2012, which lasted for 40 days. The project, which was done in cooperation with Karelian Regional Museum consisted of extended intercultural research focused on local people of Karelia and the Vepsians (small community of 7 thousand Finnic people). The project resulted in a documentary movie about traditions, rituals and other aspects of the daily lives of the community. The film was subsequently presented at Barents Kino Festival at Petrozavotsk, Russia. Tatul Davtyan, Kateryna Goncharova, Elina Shahnazarova, Alexandr Grishayenkov, Oksana Kvanina were involved in the working team.

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