To become an EVS volunteer you have to first find a suitable project at a Hosting Organization to apply for. There are 2 ways to find them: first, by registering and submitting your application to us. We will invite you to our monthly EVS Meeting, after which you will begin to receive open calls of opportunities from ICIRLD about available and/or accepted projects. Second, you can take the lead and start searching in the European Youth Portal EVS Database all by yourself. You can find the link of the database in the "Useful links" box on the right side. By registering as an EVS volunteer in ICIRLD, you are automatically being signed up to join our regular EVS Meetings. The Meeting allows you to learn more about the program, the step-by-step guide on how to find projects and become an EVS volunteer: we will gladly answer your questions. Besides that, we are becoming your Sending Organization. So when you find or have already found a Hosting organization ready to receive you for their EVS project, we support you with your preparation phase and give you all the assistance you need to travel safely to your Host country, realize your EVS, and return back to Armenia. Ready to start? Then register and submit your application below! We will reply you promptly. Also check out our previous volunteer profiles right bellow the application: some of them are EVS Coaches, meaning they are ready to help you with your journey to becoming an EVS volunteer. As a matter of fact, your own profile can be placed in our website too! You will be a "Candidate" for EVS and be able to use your profile as a tool to find potential Hosting organizations, or better: allow the Hosting organizations to find you! We will let you know how to open your profile when we see you at the EVS Meeting. (The dates of the upcoming meetings can be found in the website Event Calendar).

For more general information and/or about how to use our website, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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