As Mahatma Gandhi said: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". It takes more to volunteering than just raising a hand. We believe volunteers offer more than their time - we value each and every volunteer for their motivation, courage, commitment and kindness.
"ICIRLD" always welcomes young people who wish to take part in volunteering activities, as it can be the best way to not only offer contribution but also to take valuable experience for themselves.
Volunteering is a non-formal way of learning, enabling you to test your boundaries, push your limits, expand your knowledge, explore diversity and encounter people with the most various backgrounds.
By volunteering in “ICIRLD”, one not only gets the opportunity to develop useful skills and increase sense of initiative, but also to take a stroll in the huge varieties of interests and possibilities.
So go ahead and volunteer!


ICIRLD Local volunteers

ICIRLD is more than happy to welcome motivated local volunteers for various volunteering activities anytime! There are many ways you can help us! The themes range from administrative, logistic assistance till support in organizing festivals, events and projects. We offer you a chance to get working experience with ICIRLD, to join our cultural clubs and participate to our trainings and work on your personal development.  If this is interesting for you and you want to sign up to our crew, chick the "info and application" button right bellow.

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ICIRLD Sending volunteers

ICIRLD is accreditated organization, able to host and send volunteers under the "European Voluntary Service" project (EVS) of "ERASMUS+" Programme. In the past 6 years we sent more than 70 young Armenians to different European countries to take part in EVS projects. EVS may be the most affordable way for young people (especially school graduates or those having a gap-year at university/work) to use the opportunity by traveling to a different country and volunteering for the local organization and community. During this time the volunteer expands his/her intercultural experience, realizes personal projects, gets new friends from Europe, gains working experience and many more. For more information about EVS, click on the "What is EVS?" section in the menu on the right corner above. If you would like to enter the world of EVS, then click the "Info and Application" button below.

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